Change log - June 19, 2017 - 14:35


* kchampvs: Fix ADPCM sound (MT #6479)

msm5205: New callback implements accurate VCK timing. The old "VCLK" method with no duty cycle is now deprecated. (nw)

* Remove timer_set from src/devices/bus (nw)

* More YM2149s and more Japanese (nw)

* AY-3-8912 types (nw)

* New working software list additions


ibm5150: Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road, Jordan vs. Bird: One on One,

Kings of the Beach, Platoon, SimEarth [ArcadeShadow]

ibm5170: SimFarm [ArcadeShadow]

* A few more AY8910 to YM2149 changes (nw)

* dbreed: Restore text layer (nw)

* Changed 'enum read_or_write' to be 'enum class'

* norautp: Make 8255 handshaking work (nw)

* arknoid2, plumppop, jpopnics: Use uPD4701 device (nw)

* cchance: If it's supposed to be a YM2149, use a YM2149 (nw)

* upd4701: Diagram cleanup (nw)

* AJR, tsk tsk tsk (nw)

* Fix build (nw)

* Merge pull request #2384 from npwoods/coco3_gime_cleanups

[CoCo 3] Cleanups to the GIME implementation

* [CoCo 3] Cleanups to the GIME implementation

1. Moved specific implementations to anonymous namespace

2. gime_base_device ==> gime_device

3. Changed a pointer to a reference

* Goupil G2 computer support added. (#2383)

* Proper dump for AMI C 21.1 bios (nw)

* eeekk! is a conversion of pacman, so it will have switch 7 & 8 even though the game doesn't use it [smf]

* More notes (nw)

* Fix booby kids regression, clean-ups (nw)

* Added new not working


Percussion Freaks 5th Mix (G

*B05 VER. KAA) [Guru, smf]

* gstriker.cpp: Undumped MCUs can be difficult to cooperate with (nw)

* m72.cpp: Fix V35-based games (nw)

* New working software list additions


x68k_flop: Bradion, Dennou Club Vol. 90 Tokubetsu Henshuu-ban,

Dennou Club Vol. 94, Dennou Club Vols. 96-139, GJ, Nemesis '95 Gradius 2 [Justin Kerk]

(nw) replaced ssf2 set with ssf2a as the disks are identical when converted to .dim format

* (nw) rattled a few old bones

* gundealrbl: Change description and document why

* psikyo.cpp: Soundlatch modernization and some basic driver cleanup (nw)