Change log - December 19, 2016 - 10:20 AM


* Revert "ui: sort File Manager menu items (nw)"

This reverts commit 952175132566d6b64f842735541100db4bdb9e97.

* Model1: make wingwar360 playable (#1851)

* ui: sort File Manager menu items (nw)

* Merge pull request #1850 from shattered/_d4c292b

* New skeleton: Toshiba T1000 laptop (1987)

* Merge pull request #1848 from Bavarese/patch-23

* DEC Rainbow 100: serial port now functional

Serial port A now functional. Printer port B needs more work.

* Merge pull request #1849 from shattered/_cd77002

* New softlist: HP Integral PC

* ibm5150.xml: Additions (nw)

* mb86235: fix PR updates (nw)

* mb86235: disable recompiler for now (nw)

* New NOT WORKING Machine Added


Quiz Kid Racer [hap, Sean Riddle]

* Merge pull request #1845 from ajrhacker/inder_msm_fix

* Another attempt at improving accuracy of sound emulation in inder.cpp (nw)

* Changed flags from MACHINE_NO_SOUND to MACHINE_NO_SOUND_HW to accurately present the fact that there is no sound hardware for those machines missing sound (nw)

* Identify DAC for Midway Cheap Squeak Deluxe/Turbo Cheap Squeak

* Housekeeping (nw)

* amusco.cpp: Add coin counter and dispenser device (#1844)

* fix mingw compile (nw)

* Added preliminary MB86235 recompiler [Ville Linde]

* mcr68: Move zwackery to its own driver.

It doesn't have much in common with the other games in the driver. Also

clean up the implementation, make spriteram 8-bit, add some hardware

info and add button descriptions.

* new working clone

Flicky (128k Version, 315-5051, larger roms) [system11]

* Sega DIMM board architecture documentation [MetalliC]

* Sega DIMM security PICs update [Jorge Valero, Android]

- redumped PICs & documented S/Ns for: Quest of D, Key of Avalon 2.x, Virtua Striker 4 Ver.2006 (Japan)

- dumped 253-5508-0364 from unknown NAOMI satellite game

- dumped 253-5508-0422J from Quest of D (some undumped newer version)

* 74157 updates, pinball division (nw)

- Add 74HCT157 device type alias

- Hook up 74HCT157 in inder.cpp and spinb.cpp as per schematics

- Change device and macro names

* Stylistic cleanups; avert potential crash in some drivers (nw)

* This doesn't seem quite right by the schematics, but gives better sound (nw)

* Merge pull request #1842 from mamehaze/161216

added PIC16c57 dump to wbeachvl [Caps0ff]

* new clones

Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Korean release) [Brian Hargrove]

* added PIC16c57 dump to wbeachvl [Caps0ff]

this gives partial sound, OKI banking setup for the game is incorrect in the driver so music doesn't currently play

also I cleaned up OKI banking in the whole driver by using configured banking to make further work cleaner

* Fix #1802 (uninitialised memory read as debugger command history) and clean up a little

* New working clone added


Raiden (Korea, bootleg) [Tirino73]

* ladybug.cpp: renamed "Lady Bug (bootleg set 2)" to "Coccinelle", since the attract doesn't show any title, but the manual names is Coccinelle (nw)

* Added coco2 clone t4426 (nw) (#1819)

* Added coco2 clone t4426 (nw)