Change log - January 20, 2016 - 07:50 AM


* add logmacro.h inspired by Edstrom's log macros

* should be #included after other headers and after optionally #defining VERBOSE

* usage samples in z80scc.cpp and m68705.cpp

68705: add lots of logging to help trace issues

* Merge pull request #2004 from JoakimLarsson/fccpu20

New working board: Fccpu20

* completed Rx and serial interface handshake support

* Added PCB layout and hooked up the Rx part, terminal is working now

* Merge pull request #1999 from ajrhacker/midres_mcu

Add MCU (disabled) to midresb config; Bagman bootleg note (nw)

* P2 controls aren't here (nw)

* Add MCU (disabled) to midresb config; Bagman bootleg note (nw)

* Merge pull request #2001 from intealls/pa-cc

Some PortAudio-related changes and fixes

* rename variables to maintain consistent with coreaudio/sdl etc

* fix up initialization

* Simplify the audio buffer and fix a wrap-around issue

* fix allowed latency range

* fixed building with visual studio (nw)

* completely eliminate the concrete 68705-without-peripherals class

m6805evs: add proper memory map in comment and note that it needs CPU core support for the 68HC705 family

* Zorba keyboard: fixed F4

* zorba keyboard improvement (nw)