Change log - March 20, 2017 - 10:56 AM


* Fixed regression when loading multipart softlists

Pernod found a regression introduced in the 0.183 softlist refactoring whereby multi-part softlist items would not distribute to multiple slots. The problem was that the old code was relying on the image slots being loaded into the core. This is not the way the new system works, so I've added a hook into software_list_device::find_mountable_image() that allows the new approach to work.

* Greatly improve performance of -romident on multiple files

(nw) This hashes all the files upfront, then does the expensive

driver/software scan only once. It also walks all devices so it can

identify ROMs for slot devices that aren't inserted by default.

* Merge pull request #2167 from npwoods/coco3_gime_fix_alternative_interrupt_clearing

* [CoCo 3] Fixed an issue clearing interrupts on the GIME implementation

The normal way to acknowledge a GIME interrupt is by reading from $FF92/3. However, the act of disabling interrupts by writing to the same registers will also do the trick, and we were not emulating this technique.

Thanks to Glen Hewlett and Tim Lindner for helping to identify this problem

* ibm5170.xml: Restore unmodified Win 3.1 German set with a description mentioning the infection and add a clean set from a different source (nw)

* Refactored HTTP handling to be easier to extend and use (nw)

* ti74: added Maths and Finance cartridges [PockEmul]

* konmedal/tsukande: Add clock XTAL definition for the z80 cpu, divisor is guessed. [Lord Nightmare]

* TMS51XX: update some comments (nw)

* isbc: more ram, maybe (nw)

* Merge pull request #2149 from rbanffy/patch-1

* Fix typos

* Merge pull request #2150 from rbanffy/patch-2

* Fix "Cassette" spelling


* Merge pull request #2155 from shattered/_9330d35

* debugger: print octal addresses in the trace if CPU is octal.

* Merge pull request #2163 from JoakimLarsson/isbc2861_2

z80sio: interrupt support for upd7201 and i8274

* z80sio: cleanup

* Merge branch 'isbc2861_1' into isbc2861_2

* z80sio: variant support for i8274/upd7201 and a refactored interrupt support

* isbc2861: hooked up the SIO irq through the 8259 and removed the m1_r() workaround

* Changed to use z80sio.cpp i8274 device driver instead of z80dart.cpp's

* Added I8274 type macros and derived class + logging

* uPD7725: Corrected which registers are actually reset by /RESET, and fixed/updated IRQ system, should behave more properly now. [Lord Nightmare]

* amusco.cpp: Generate blink state in a way more likely to represent hardware; remove kludged-in MC6845 accessor (nw)

* ti99/geneve: Bus mouse now a separate device, may also be used with evpc.

* Add skeleton device for Video System C7-01 GGA

(nw) This has uncovered what might be a core bug: AM_SELECT does not work properly with masked handlers.

* dooyong.cpp: fixed regression (nw)

* vp101: Implemented ATA DMA [R. Belmont]

* DRC: fix regression on OS X [Phil Bennett]