Change log - May 20, 2017 - 08:04


* new working clone


Phoenix (Hellomat Automaten bootleg) [unknown]

* Have -listroms display a user-friendly message when no ROMs are required

* Further tweaks to command verb behavior (nw)

- Extend slot option processing to the -listdevices command as well

- Don't try adding any system-specific options when a wildcard is specified

* cleanup (nw)

* (nw)zexall: output to error log at LN's request.

* this should fix a coverity error (nw)

* Fixed a regression in -listmedia/-listslots

The issue is that -listmedia/-listslots were not honoring command line options specified on the slot. This works around the problem.

* New working software list additions


t1000.xml: MS-DOS (Version 2.11, Tandy version 02.11.24), MS-DOS (Verson 3.30, Tandy Version 03.30.20)

* bingor.cpp: Random cleanups (nw)

* fidel6502: add note (nw)

* flkatck.cpp: fix old regression when memorymaps were merged (nw)

* vegas: Add proper ioasic shuffling for nbagold and add sio fpga register reset. (nw)

* (nw) Zexall: removed unneeded writes to the console.