Change log - June 20, 2017 - 08:43


* more conventional romaji

* new clones - Power Instinct (USA, prototype) [ShouTime]

* Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal - use 68705 dump, replace inaccurate protection sim [ShouTime, brizzo]

also set 2 seems to be a bootleg, it's unprotected at the very least.

* svmu: Added two English BIOS versions and a newer Japanese BIOS version [Kingizor]

* ultrsprt.cpp: Use uPD4701A device for trackball inputs (nw)

* yesnoj: Test switch is non-toggle; note lack of printer emulation (nw)

* fromanc4: Preliminary step towards 4-player link support (nw)

* add more info (nw)

* Merge pull request #2392 from DavidHaywood/160617

* use actual M68705P5 dump for Rumba Lumber, replaces inaccurate simulation [ShouTime, brizzo]

* tail2nos, f1gp, f1gp2: Preliminary device hookups for multiboard communications (nw)

* wc90: Soundlatch modernization (nw)

* Make it explicit that these comes from UAPCE

* Merge pull request #2391 from DavidHaywood/160617

* new WORKING game - Jump Kun (prototype) [ShouTime]

* norautp.cpp: Don't hardcode "Readout" inputs

* Typo (nw)

* Nitpicky about bit notes (nw)

* One last device type to fix (nw)

* norautp: Restore some inputs that were disconnected many releases ago

* system16.cpp: added plds for astormb2 [caius]

also an attempt to fix oki banked rom loading (nw)

* New working software list additions


pce_tourvision: Ankoku Densetsu, Batman, Burning Angels, Cadash, Gradius, Toilet Kids, World Jockey [system11, The Dumping Union]

* New not working machine


Sel-Jan [system11, The Dumping Union]

New working clone


Guerrilla War (Version 1, set 2) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]

* nbmj9195.cpp: fixed MT06617 (nw)