Change log - December 20, 2016 - 09:57 AM


* apricot: Fix keyboard error 31, now displays 'System OK'

* Merge pull request #1854 from ajrhacker/system16_datsu_ls157

* system16.cpp: Sound improvements for some bootlegs

- Hook up MSM5205 and 74LS157 on the 2xYM2203 bootlegs, all of which now have some imperfect samples playback

- Correct goldnaxeb2 configuration to use the aforementioned sound system

* First stab at cleaning up the DOS boot and installation disk mess on the PC & AT softlists:

* Remove 100% duplicate sets

* Move sets from ibm5170 to ibm5150 if they work on PC-class hardware (later DOS versions are needed for some games)

* Remove the ibm5160 softlist, it only contained one duplicate set

* Add clone relationships

* More consistency in set naming and metadata

No new dumps in this commit.

* model3.cpp: Cut-n-paste fix - NW

* model3.cpp: One more doc update - NW

* model3.cpp: Minor doc update based on eBay pics - NW

* Commented "sirlance" entry in pcw.xml as it matches 100% to 'sirperce' as well as a title screen denoting "Sir Perceval" only (nw)

* hh_cop400: get rid of L(segment) pins workaround for most games (nw)

* Merge pull request #1852 from mamehaze/161216

add fresh dump of the magnet system exzisus disk, one sector came outů

* I'm informed these were being sold back in the day, so not protos despite the bugs (nw)

* add fresh dump of the magnet system exzisus disk, one sector came out different, no more graphical glitches in the first level

* cop400 LEI opcode: reset L pins when EN2=0 (nw)

* Added multiplexed inputs for Beastie Feastie and Dealer [smf]

* pit8253: Reading back the count while in the middle of a 16-bit write returns a xor'ed version of the value written. Fixes apricot error 29.

* hh_cop400: promoted qkracer to working (nw)