Change log - January 21, 2016 - 07:55 AM


* fix for building with visual studio (nw)

* hh_ucom4: dummy lcd for mcompgin (nw)

* farad fahrrad (nw)

* hlcd0515: finished device (nw)

* Add A1200 keyboard skeleton device (needs MC68HC05Cx support)

* added hlcd0515 skeleton device (nw)

* need LOG_GENERAL before VERBOSE (nw)

* New NOT_WORKING machine added


Mattel Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer [hap, Sean Riddle]

* Netlist: code refactoring

Make streams provide binary access only. Use putf8_reader and

putf8_writer to actually access streams. Replace some char * parameters

with pstring where appropriate. Minor code refactoring and move

functionality were it belongs. (nw)

* Assume string literals are UTF8 in netlist code.

At the same time, any char pointer has to be explicitly converted to

pstring by specifying an encoding. Not yet optimal, but certainly better

than what was there before.

Removed unneeded methods from pstring. (nw)

* Default argument on plib::environment now optional. (nw)

* Converted warnings and fatal log messages to constants.

Also refactored some code to ease the exercise. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2002 from wilbertpol/hcd62121

hcd62121/cfx9850: several small cleanups (nw)

* hcd62121: several small cleanups (nw)

* Merge pull request #1993 from einstein95/master

Add the Sonic 3 proto lock-on chips to the relevant Sonic 3 proto sets (nw)

* Add the Sonic 3 proto lock-on chips to the relevant Sonic 3 proto sets

* Merge pull request #2003 from SailorSat/master

* polyplay: add a german version of zre-pp base polyplay (with 10 games)

- added new polyplay2 romset; german version with 10 games (6 new ones)

- renamed czech version to polyplay2c and made a clone of polyplay2

* retofinv.cpp: add comment about developer (thanks to TCRF and GDRI)

* Fixed building with clang on windows, built with clang 3.91, gcc 6.3.0 & msvc 2015 (nw)

* Help me template compiler! You are my only hope!

6805 cleanup:

* Reduce massive amounts of redundancy by templating opcode handlers

* Replace the epic switch statement with a dispatch table

* Fix timings for a few instructions