Change log - July 21, 2017 - 08:07


* naomi.cpp: dumped earlier Sega Gun Board firmware [Darksoft]

* Add a method for copying part of an XML tree into another tree and use it to fix Cocoa debugger fatal error

* Make XML file a class of its own managed with smart poitners

* Save/restore a little more of Cocoa debugger state

* alphatro: real machine only has 2 drives + fix drive B: [R. Belmont]

* Tidy up (nw)

* amerihok: Make some educated guesses regarding manufacturer, decade, MCU and sound chip types (nw)

z8: A few technical modifications to memory interface; add Z8681 type (nw)


* Save/restore more Cocoa debugger state

* Fix some Cocoa debugger desync issues

- Scroll to selection on gaining focus by keyboard (e.g. tab) only

- Fixes jump on clicking a memory or disasm view that you've scrolled

* Added basic support for saving/restoring Cocoa debugger window state, compatible with Qt debugger where possiblev

* retofinv.cpp: fixed c/p error in my commit from yesterday (nw)