Change log - March 22, 2017 - 08:38 AM


* Merge branch 'master' of

* Merge pull request #2094 from mgarlanger/h19_super19

Fix Super19 version of Heath H19.

* Remove incomplete support for SuperSet H19.

* Attempt 1 to get superset ROM working.

* Fix Super19 version of Heath H19.

* (nw)Fixed nes validation, and added missing linefeed char.

* Merge pull request #2174 from kazblox/master

Last minute corrections

* Fix copyrights in subor2 slot device.

nes: Some more slight corrections in the softlist, fix and check some big whoopsies (nw)

* hh_pic16: hooked up i/o for us2pfball (nw)

* measured Naomi's MIE MCU speed [rtw, MetalliC]

* disabling the screen uses the border colour [smf]

* Merge pull request #2172 from kazblox/master

Additions/improvements to nes driver and softlist

* nes: Add Subor Type 2 board. (nw)

nes: Fix debug output when reading iNES headers. (nw)

nes/ppu2c0x: Improved PAL clone timings. (nw)

nes/n2a03: Refactored clock definitions [includes other drivers using the N2A03] (nw)

nes: Improved refresh rates and timings to reflect nesdev (nw)

nes: Softlist improvements and corrections [koko, mkgoogoo and others] (nw)

nes: Verified koko in the softlist as a good dump (nw)

nes: Softlist additions [subor5, subor6, subor10, subor11, subor13, doolybld](nw)

New not working machines added: Subor SB-486, M82 Display Unit (PAL) (nw)

nes: Marked drpcjr as NOT WORKING due to missing hardware. (nw)

New working machines added: Micro Genius IQ-501, Micro Genius IQ-502, Dendy Classic 2 (nw)

nes: marked dendy as a clone of iq501 (nw)

* geneve: Fixed issue with sector read without implied seek; did not check CRC and thus failed to switch density

* ti99: Fixed debugging for TI-99/8