Change log - April 22, 2017 - 08:06 AM


* acchi.cpp: added flipscreen (nw)

* New not working machine


Acchi Muite Hoi [David Haywood, Surgeville, Sean Sutton, Jred, Mike Krug, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

* OK, not usually quite that slow (nw)

* namconb1.cpp: Correct PCB loaction of ROM (nw)

* skeleton driver for novag presto (nw)

* segas32.cpp: Input modernization, phase 2

* Use Sega 315-5296 device for primary I/O

* Restore Coin 2 inputs to f1lap, radm, radr, slipstrm

* Identify onboard service inputs and restore them to practically all games

* Disable some (probably strictly unnecessary) address mirroring due to memory init thrashing when combined with DEVREADWRITE8(0x00ff) (nw)

Remove device clocks for 315-5296 (not used by the emulation) where not verified (nw)

* xbox: re-enable new pci since crash should be fixed (nw)

* Workaround for issue where the cannonical instance_name for a device was lost (#2248)

This is a hack; details are in the source code. I felt that it was too late in the 0.185 release cycle to do anything intrusive. I intend to fix this "for real" when image/slot option morphing is encapsulated within emu_options.

* electron: Added Power Software joystick interface

* New working software list additions


phc25_cass: Mostly official releases from Sanyo

* phc25: Added character generator ROM, not yet used.

* apollo: fix SIO regression [Hans Ostermeyer]

* cleaner mac fix (nw)

* namconb1.cpp: Corrected Coin inputs and added in Coin3 & Coin4 as needed [Brian Troha]

* Since we're close to release, revert for now (nw)

* new Mach Breakers clone added

New Clone Added


Mach Breakers (World, MB2) [caius, Silvio Grazini, The Dumping Union]

Out of whatsnew: Correct coin inputs - when set to individual coins slots they were reversed.

* Seibu/TAD PROM stuff

* toki: Add dumps of bipolar PROMs [caius]

* bloodbro: Add dump of bipolar PROM [Andreas]

* dynduke, raiden, skysmash, cupsoc: Document undumped PROMs for many sets

* hh_sm510: added ACL button (nw)

* hh_tms1k: fix quizwizc/tc4 savestate problem (nw)

* voodoo: Change multi base address selection to fix funkball textures.

* Merge branch 'master' of

* ucom4: fix efball old regression (nw)

* Turn off global logging (nw)

* daily timer_set removal (nw)

* Bypass serial check for p911 (nw)

* Red pen these placeholder dumps (nw)