Change log - December 22, 2016 - 10:16 AM


* Cleanup and naming (nw)

* fix separate arcade and mess builds (nw)

* midwayic: Added hooks for serial communication. (nw)

atlantis: Renamed uart ports. (nw)

iteagle: Remapped service buttons to standard location.

iteagle: Connected cdrom and started adding rs232 communication ports. (nw)

* dcs: Implemented proper ram bank switch for ADSP2181 systems. (nw)

* My name is not Ryan 161 (nw)

* toaplan1.cpp: vimana regions should work fine now. [Lord Nightmare]

* Added to the wrong list before, I should go to bed (nw)

* Add some chips I missed to the comments, (nw)

* toaplan1.cpp: Fixed DSWB reading (seems to be inverted when read by the mcu), also reverted changes to TJUMP jumper settings and inverted those as well on read, though it still seems to be a bit screwy for some settings. [Lord Nightmare]

* Added a chip burn-down list to atarittl, listing which chips still need to be emulated for Indy 4 and Stunt Cycle (nw)

* Decapped, deprotected, dumped and hooked up the hd647180X mcus for vimana, fire shark and teki paki [Caps0ff]

New clone added


'NEW VER!' hack of Fire Shark (samesamenh) [Caps0ff, trap15]

* Fix duplicated license line (nw)

* -hazeltin: Added netlist-based video board emulation. [Ryan Holtz]

* -netlist: Various fixes: [Ryan Holtz]

* 7473: Made device only transition on a falling clock.

* 74161: Inverted Clear and Clock inputs to match datasheet.

* 74260: Fixed number of inputs.

* Am2847: Fixed shift register size (was 160 bits, should have been 80 bits)

* DM9334: Inverted C and E inputs to match datasheet.

* -netlist: Added shared RAM pointer, for use by netlist RAM devices which need updating by non-netlist driver code. [Ryan Holtz]

-netlist: Added new devices: [Ryan Holtz]

* Intel 2102A 1Kbit (1024 x 1) Static RAM

* 74365 Hex Bus Driver with 3-State Outputs

* Generic 2- and 3-terminal Tristate device

* Note: Tristate device and 74365 do not actually tristate, they are simply a way of combining multiple outputs + chip enables.

* -netlist: Added 74260 Dual 5-Input NOR Gate device. [Ryan Holtz]

* Minor netlist syntax changes, (nw)

* -netlist: Added 74166 Parallel-Load 8-Bit Shift Register device. [Ryan Holtz]

* -netlist: Added 2716 16 Kbit (2 Kbit x 8) UV EPROM. [Ryan Holtz]

* -netlist: Added 74174 Hex D-Type Flip-Flop with Clear [Ryan Holtz]

* netlist: Added 82S126 1K-bit bipolar PROM device. [Ryan Holtz]

* More compile fixes (nw)'

* netlist: Device additions: [Ryan Holtz]

* 74161 Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counter with Clock

* 7473 Dual Master-Slave J-K Flip-Flops with Clear and Complementary Outputs

* Am2847 Quad 80-bit Static Shift Register

* DM9334 8-bit Addressable Latch

* Netlist compile fixes, (nw)

* -netlist: Add simple ROM hookup capability. [Ryan Holtz]