Change log - May 23, 2017 - 09:46


* change some more device_mconfig_additions to device_add_mconfig (nw)

* scoped enum for Windows (nw)

* general cleanup:

* move rarely-used output and pty interfaces out of emu.h

* consolidate and de-duplicate forward declarations, also remove some obsolete ones

* clean up more #include guard macros

* scope down a few more things

(nw) Everyone, please keep forward declarations for src/emu in src/emu/emufwd.h -

this will make it far easier to keep them in sync with declarations than having

them scattered through all the other files.

* taito_l.cpp: More MB8421, less HOLD_LINE (fixes sound in evilston)

* fidel6502: added cpu freq select for sc9 (nw)

* evilston: Too much coin impulse (nw)

* qs1000, 315_5124 and 315_5313 devices: test Vas' latest work (nw)

* taito_l.cpp: Add custom I/O chips (nw)

* ssfindo.cpp: added preliminary eeprom hook up. tetfight is now playable (coins work). Left as not working since eeprom isn't correctly saved, thus the inputs are screwed on reset. (nw)

* taito_l.cpp: Another round of PPIs (nw)

* by68701.cpp: added missing ROM dump for flashgdnp1 [PinMAME]

* minor STV ioga (nw)

* new machine added as NOT_WORKING


Mushiking The King Of Beetles 2004 Second (Japan) [f205v, rtw]

* Fix for MSVC (nw)

* get rid of mconfig trampoline in a few more devices, make handlers protected