Change log - December 23, 2016 - 11:24 AM


* ui: another attempt at sorting File Manager entries (nw)

* aerofgt: Restore BAD_DUMP flags and missing comments, add note about mismatching ROM sizes for Turbo Force

* fix mcu clock rate based on comments in driver (nw)

* minor romname/comment fixes (nw)

* Merge pull request #1865 from mamehaze/231216

Tokio / Scramble Formation [ShouTime, brizzo, David Haywood]

* dumped 68705 a71_24.bin from Tokio / Scramble Formation [ShouTime, brizzo]

hooked up new 68705 dump to Tokio / Scramble Formation [David Haywood]

New Working Games


Tokio / Scramble Formation [ShouTime, brizzo, David Haywood]

* moved driver definition to proper source file (nw)

* ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: additions (nw)

* genpc: fix keyboard and move laser to pc.c with other nongeneric clones (nw)

vis: video improvement (nw)

* helps to git add

* i960: Preliminary support for CALLS instruction and WIP on FAULTx instructions. [R. Belmont]

* Merge pull request #1858 from ajrhacker/atlantis_unused_fix

* Fix build (nw)

* netlist: Added 4316 bilateral switch pack.

* mame.lst: Add in sbs2 clone - NW

* Split stuntcyc into its own netlist, (nw)

* new Side by Side 2 clone

New clone added


Side by Side 2 Evoluzione RR (Ver 3.1 J) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]

* netlist: add uA741 in 8-, 10- and 14-pin DIP variants

* -stv: Redumped prc2ksu and prc28su using the heat-gun method to obtain valid dumps from fragile ROM chips. [cpsystem3]

* aerofgt.cpp: 4 not 5 - NW

* aerofgt.cpp: Better documentation for the Turbo Force sets - NW

* new Momoko 120% clone added

New Clone Added


Momoko 120% (English text) [Paul Hogger]

* Merge pull request #1859 from mamehaze/221216

start putting some 68705 functionality in the CPU core rather than copy+pasted in all the drivers.

* fix c+p (nw)

* start putting some 68705 functionality in the CPU core rather than copy+pasted in all the drivers.

as this is a lengthy task I've created a derived CPU type with the new functionality to aid in the process without disrupting existing drivers that haven't yet been updated.

started with tiger heli / slap fight.

* -netlist: Added 74165, 74194, 7475, 7485, and DM9322 devices. [Ryan Holtz]

* -stv: Fixed bad dumps in Choro Q Hyper Racing 5 [cpsystem3]

* Merge pull request #1847 from ajrhacker/devcb_chain

* Overhaul of devcb (nw)

- Allow stringing multiple callbacks together recursively. Chained callbacks will be read or written in sequence, and each can be configured with its own type and mask/shift/XOR parameters.

- Chained input callbacks cannot have overlapping masks (there's no such thing as a free multiplex). Chained output callbacks have no such restriction.

- Remove the constant parameter for the LOGGER callback type: it makes no sense for output, was always zero in existing usage, and is now unnecessary with callback chaining.

- Change LOGGER behavior for writes to log the user-defined message only if the output as masked is nonzero. With callback chaining, this can be used to monitor when individual bits become active.

- Constant read callbacks can no longer have MCFG_DEVCB_XOR or MCFG_DEVCB_INVERT specified (makes no sense in this context).

- Add a MEMBANK callback type to allow output bits to be used for bank-switching.

- Add ASSERTLINE and CLEARLINE callback types that raise or lower an interrupt line if the selected bit of the written value is active. These are intended for where periodic or ready-pulse signals from devices are used to trigger IRQs that the CPU program will independently acknowledge.

- Add MCFG_DEVCB_BIT as shorthand for masking and shifting out an individual bit for a callback.

- Removed DEVCB_LINE_DISPATCH_. Where we're going, we don't need line dispatcher devices.

The incompatibility of compilers with regard to post-C90 printf string formats is shockingly bad. There seems to be no easy way to format a 64-bit value and please both gcc and clang, let alone MSVC.

* Merge pull request #1855 from Bavarese/patch-24

DEC Rainbow 100: support all ClikClok versions

* white space changes

* DEC Rainbow 100: support all 4 ClikClok versions

All known ClikClok address spaces are supported: $fc000/fe000 (-B), $f4000 (older hardware for 100-B) and $ed000 (revision for 100-A). A table near RTC_ENABLED explains which driver to use...

* Merge pull request #1856 from Dagarman/master

* apple1.xml redump dis-assembler

* Merge pull request #1857 from moralrecordings/konamigxfix

konamigx.cpp: fix save states

* konamigx: fix sound CPU hanging on state load

* konamigx: fix CPU hang on state load

* iteagle: Remove leftover debug print. (nw)

* New working clone:

-VTech Laser Turbo XT [Miodrag Milanovic]

-VTech Laser XT/3 [Miodrag Milanovic]

* New working clone: Turbo Force (new revision) [dos_]

* i8089: Silence DMA transfer log spam

* fix clang on windows build (nw)