Change log - March 24, 2017 - 08:10 AM


* dynax.cpp: Change PSG types correctly (nw)

* electron: Added First Byte joystick interface

* archimedes: Added JFD floppy format as used by JASPP (Archimedes Software Preservation Project)

* apd_dsk: added notes (nw)

* New working software list additions


archimedes: over 20 games and applications

bbcb_flop: Disk User coverdisks, Bad Apple and X-Pansions Elevation demos

bbcm_flop: Enjoy The Silence and Retribution X demos

* Merge pull request #2178 from moralrecordings/pcfix

* VGA card now saves vga.dac to the state, as the MAME palette is clobbered periodically with data from here. Changed the type of vga.dac.colour to a flat uint8_t array seeing as save_item isn't struct-friendly. Fixes Liero.

* Saved more VGA flags, including vga.miscellaneous_output, which despite the vague name is needed for reading from the ports.

* Fixed an enum range check miss.

* Saved more i386 flags required for 32-bit save states. Fixes Jump 'n Bump.

* i386: save additional CPU flags

* i386: fix enum range check

* pc_vga: fix broken port reads on state load

* pc_vga: add palette configuration to save state