Change log - April 25, 2017 - 08:47 AM


* New NOT_WORKING driver added


BPM Microsystems BP-1200 [Lord Nightmare]

* Minor clarification (nw)

* segae.cpp: Add PPI and coin counters

* namcos11.cpp: Don Bear Near == mistranslation of Dunk Mania so remove it. (nw)

* Fixed h8 instruction eepmov.b (used r4h instead of r4l) (#2253)

Added support for non-autorequest DMA (DREQ edge, DREQ level) in h8

Added support for H8/300H to h8_dma (previously only H8/300S supported)

Added DMA channels to H8/3002

Added RTMCSR register to H8/3002

* fix table (nw)

* New not working machine


Space Cyclone [David Haywood, Nicolas Francfort, Sean Sutton, Tourniquet, ShouTime, Anonymous Donator, ranger_lennier, David Stevens, Mr. Goodwraith, John Wilke, Paul Vining, Ryan Gatto, rtw, Jan Stuhler, Rod_Wod, Elliott Kipper, Greg Stout,


*, Ross Esposito, Paul Gaulton, Chris Heflin, Anonymous Donator from Switzerland, Fabien Marsaud, Surgeville, krick, B2K24, Anonymous Donator from Italy, David Jorge, Andrea Babich, Ciacchi Stefano, Mucci, gamez fan, Brian Troha, VFR750P, anonymous, Mr. Anonymous from Outer Space, InsertMoreCoins, Game Preservation Society, dax_PL, Russell Howard, Peter Wilhelmsen, Sébastien Monassa, f205v, Smitdogg, Gerald (COY), Brian Sutherland, The Dumping Union]

* dec8.cpp: caius confirmed that the fake MCU ROM is the cause of ghostb3a not working in MAME. He burnt an i8751 with the fake ROM and put it on his PCB. Same behaviour. (nw)