Change log - April 26, 2017 - 07:57 AM


* xmen.cpp: fix validation (nw)

* QSound/DL-1425: update ROM and comments with corrections from recent decap [Lord Nightmare, Siliconpr0n, superctr, Quench]

* Merge tag 'mame0185'

MAME 0.185



* version bump (nw)

* cherry-pick acchi DIP switches, clean up a little (nw)

* New working machine


Popper [Dirk Best]

* popper: Fix memory map, finish gfx rendering.

Game is fully working again.

* stupid MSVC (nw)

* cobra.cpp: fix some input issues (nw)

* apache3, roundup5: Here there be PPIs (nw)

* rand() -> machine().rand() (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* i82439hx, i82439tx: Fix memory map (nw)

* cham24.cpp: don't crash on soft reset (nw)

* Redump actually do more (nw)

* new NOT WORKING machine


Royal King Jan-Oh 2 [system11b, The Dumping Union]

* Note update (nw)

* ksayakyu.cpp: videoram bit 6 isn't flip Y (nw)

* Merge pull request #2255 from BartmanAbyss/hd6345

* added (partial) correct register mappings to HD6345

* clshroad.cpp: init bg vram to 0xf0 and assume common divider for all z80s (nw)

* update comments (nw)

* Merge pull request #2252 from npwoods/remove_duplicate_option

* Removed redundant ";global_inputs"

* Merge pull request #2254 from npwoods/disambig_yiqp

* Disambiguated the WINOPTION_YIQ_PHASE_COUNT option


* z180: added support for DREQ, TEND signals; fixed dma0 count, DREQ handling (#2256)

* k054321: Implement as a device [O. Galibert, Phil Bennett]

* novagmcs48: clear mux data after updating leds (nw)

* Make MC-8123 into a device

* New working clone


Space War (Leisure and Allied) [Kaizen]