Change log - May 26, 2017 - 09:23


* added missing emu.h (nw)

* cheekyms: add preliminary netlist sound based on schematics provided by Sam Grech

(nw) It doesn't work quite right yet. The "Hammer" and "Pest" sounds

are generated by free-running 555/556 timers and gated with LM324

applifiers. For whatever reason, the netlist system produces a kind of

buzzing from the "Hammer" circuit when it's supposed to be suppressed,

and it doesn't think the pest sound should be suppressed completely so

you can always hear it at a low level in the background. The "Cheese"

circuit is a bit weird - either they're using the base-emitter junction

of a 2SC945 as a signal diode, or there's an error in the schematic

(collector is shown unconnected). Connecting this part of the circuit

causes the netlist system to hang, so R2/R3/C8/Q2 are not connected for now.

* Base MB89352 hookup in kokoroj2, disabled by default (nw)

* netmerc: Correct game title (nw)

* Needs some RAM, too (nw)

* netmerc: Preliminary configuration of Polhemus CPU (nw)

* model1.cpp: Implement workaround for race condition that caused vf to lose sound (MT #6587). This fix causes swa to show an error message before booting normally, due to the I/O board not being emulated properly in the first place.

* ojankohs: Remove tagmap lookups

* SD Gundam Psycho Salamander no Kyoui - Base clocks on actual OSCs (nw)

* ojankohs: Comment update (nw)

* segas18.cpp: dumped later ver of Shadow Dancer sound CPU ROM, document main program EPR labels [rtw]

* ojankohs: Rewrite input handling

- Add missing player 2 controls

- Verify and remove non-existing keys from games

- Add dip switch locations to all games

- Identify some of the unknown dip switches

- Clean up and correct code

* Machines promoted to WORKING

Microman Battle Charge

Technical Bowling

thanks Osso/Ivan for pointing similar to patocar medal cabinets

* Typo fix (nw)

* m_owner cleanup (nw)

* z8: Timer clock cleanup (nw)

* z80ctc: Minor clock cleanup (nw)

* (nw) Housekeeping.

* Another quick compilation fix (nw)

* fix compile (nw)

* ti99: Created bus gromport, split monster file gromport

* Fixed 2 bugs

1. If either a multipart softlist item was loaded, or a single-part item loaded into a system with more than one of the same media slot, then a reset would cause a fatal error.

2. If a non-existing image was listed in the ini, it would fatal error at start and there was no way to fix it except by hand-editing the ini file. This restores the previous behaviour of ejecting the bad image with the first error.

* One quick compilation fix (nw)

* fidel6502: SC9B dump confirmed by yoyo_chessboard (nw)

* accomm: main screen turn on (nw)

* Retired min/max in attotime.h, in favor of std::[min|max]()