Change log - June 26, 2017 - 09:32


* saturn.cpp: experimental force resync on DMA completed (nw)

* m14.cpp: cleanups (nw)

* Added samples to PT Reach Mahjong [Lord Nightmare, Angelo Salese]

* z8: Add more control registers for debug state

* z8: Fix disassembly of DECW RR opcode

* Machine promoted to working


Game & Watch: Mickey Mouse [hap]

* ice_bozo: Add a CPU (nw)

* new working clone


Silk Worm (prototype?) [frsj8112]

* sm500: small cleanup (nw)

* ti99: Changed Hexbus chaining

* added missing emu.h (nw)

* fix for MSVC (nw)

* hh_sm510: mc25 button mapping (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* at586x3: add n7ns04 bios of the Micronics M55HI-Plus moterboard and log writes to port 0x80 (nw)

* lpci/i82371sb.cpp: add boot_state_hook devcb to receive writes to debug port 0x80 (nw)

* lpci/southbridge.cpp: give derived classes the ability to intercept writes to debug port 0x80 (nw)

* lpci/i82439tx.cpp: do not always assert on unimplemented pci cofiguration registers ... (nw)

... log a message in the error log instead. Also put writes to 0x58 and 0x5c in their own case.

* Ooops (nw)

* New Clone Added


Operation Wolf (Japan, SC) [ShouTime]

* new working clone


Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Japan 911210, CPS-B-17) [ShouTime, Bonky, MetalliC]

* hh_sm510: added lcd deflicker (nw)

* Reintegrate neogeo romdefs in the source (nw)

* options: Set the value when setting the default as before [O. Galibert]