Change log - November 26, 2016 - 07:45 AM


* peplus.cpp: Figured out the special 4K bonus for PP0467 - NW

* Quick fix for symptom of #1778 but doesn't address how it decided the joystick component was unknown to begin with

* bbcb_flop.xml: added various games, applications, utilities

* bbcmc_flop: added Carnival and Astro Blaster

* archimedes.xml: added RISC OS 3 Applications and removed some bad dumps

* atom_flop.xml: added latest Retro Software releases (Egghead in Space, F14 Tomcat)

* a310: added new NOT WORKING machines

Archimedes 305, Archimedes 440, Archimedes 3000, Archimedes 410/1, Archimedes 420/1, Archimedes 440/1, Archimedes 540, Acorn A5000, Acorn A4, Acorn A4000, Acorn A5000 Alpha

- renamed a310->aa310 to avoid conflict with Amiga machines

- added all missing OS releases Arthur 0.30, RISC OS 2.01, RISC OS 3.00, RISC OS 3.10, RISC OS 3.19 (German)

- all machines default to OS (Arthur, RISC OS 2, RISC OS 3) they were shipped with

- corrected ROM labels/locations

- added default CMOS to boot to desktop

- mapped Acorn A4 Power Management extension

* micro20: more device hookups, gets farther into POST [R. Belmont]

* concept: added optional MacsBug ROMs [Al Kossow, R. Belmont]

* peplus.cpp: Figured out the Super Deuces paytable - NW

* peplus.cpp: Figured 2 more paytables - NW

Figured out PP0294 & PP0445 are Aces and Faces Bonus Joker Poker

* peplus.cpp: Figured out the paytable for PP0232 - NW

* new not working


Intel iSBC 86/05 [Al Kossow]

Intel iSBC 86/30 [Al Kossow]

* Merge pull request #1776 from ajrhacker/seibu_sound_cleanup

Seibu sound device cleanup (nw)

* Fix disastrous regression in dynduke and raiden (nw)

* Seibu sound device cleanup (nw)

- Eliminate SEIBU_SOUND_SYSTEM configuration macros hiding details of device construction

- Start using devcb for generic YM hookups

- Use device finder to connect seibu_sound_device to audiocpu

- kothello has only one YM2203 and one ADPCM, not two of each

Future changes planned

- Separate SEI0100BU and SIE150 types; Cabal and Dead Angle should each be using two of the former

- Separate SEI80BU device to handle Z80 decryption (Mustache Boy uses this for its main CPU)