Change log - December 26, 2016 - 09:11 AM


* new working clone added


Fighting Fantasy (Japan revision ?) [Hammy, The Dumping Union]

* namcos21.cpp: added preliminary Gear Box input for Driver's Eyes [Angelo Salese]

* New Dynamite Duke clone added

New Clone Added


Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]

* deco32.cpp: Added preliminary global volume control for nslasher and fghthist [Angelo Salese]

* Reinstated MACHINE_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS having dynamic CRTC stuff too, fun (nw)

* MT #05392

* MT #04907

* Demoted these to MNW, see MT #00964 for more info (nw)

* netlist: Added LM747, LM747A and 2N2565.

* new WORKING - Enma Daio (Japan) [Tormod, MooglyGuy, Dullaron, Firebricks, redk9258, W. Perez, Anonymous from Switzerland, Darksoft, Smitdogg, David Haywood, ShouTime, Andy Welburn, The Dumping Union] (#1875)

* gaelco: dumped "Biomechanical Toy (Ver. 1.0.1884)" sound roms, fixes audio in this version [ShouTime]

* more srcclean (nw)

* xbox: some adjustments in graphic routines (nw)

* xbox: add some debug checks in graphics routines (nw)

* xbox: update w clipping and disable it since it still causes problems (nw)

* poly.h: add method triangles_drawn to get private member m_triangles (nw)

* Merge pull request #1874 from ajrhacker/tms32025_fix

* Address map fixes (nw)

- tms32025: Correct space of internal data maps

- mc1000: Separate out opcodes map

- addrmap.cpp: Replace a few debug asserts with friendlier error messages (makes validation less dangerous in debug builds)

* Fix MT #02855

* Fixed ertictac.cpp regression, nw

* apricot: Fix CTS polarity and mark as working.

With the SIO fix the system is now very stable.

* z80dart: Only update serial line configuration if it actually changes.

Allows the apricot serial port to work correctly.

* first srcclean pass (nw)

* missed file (nw)

* srmp2.cpp: fix regression with ADPCM playback on m68k based games [Angelo Salese]

* vis: fix bunch of video issues (nw)

* archimds: fixed sound double-buffering [R. Belmont]

* Fix MT #00101

* Reassert imperfect sound flag for Gorf and Wizard of Wor (nw)

* Merge pull request #1873 from ajrhacker/fccpu20_fix

* Fix build by removing unused placeholder definition (nw)

* Netlist: align naming of 9334/make nl_hazelvid.cpp parseable by nltool

Renamed DM9334 to 9334 to align with naming convention used for other

93XX chips.

Added proper connection information for a number of chips to

net_lib.cpp. This allows to parse and run nl_hazelvid.cpp using nltool:

nltool -t 1 -f nl_hazelvid.cpp

* tmaster.cpp: Minor CES Star Pak cart doc update - NW

* Merge branch 'master' of

* Ho ho ho (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* archimds.cpp: fixed Vertical Count Register and pixel clock timings, nw

* aerofgt.cpp: Tiny doc update as verified by photo - NW

* Merge branch 'master' of

* -netlist: Added 82S123 256-bit (32x8) TTL bipolar PROM. [Ryan Holtz]

* pacman.cpp: Slightly better doc info for EEEKK! - NW

* New The NewZealand Story clone

New Clone Added


The NewZealand Story (World, old version) (older PCB) [Porchy, The Dumping Union]

Out of whatsnew:

This is the verified World version with photo & correct Taito rom ID# which fits where it should. The old set is know called "World, unknown version" as it has not be verified and doesn't have a legit Taito rom ID or label.

* Few dip-sw updates, nw

* Fixed vblank timings in Acorn Archimedes and enabled partial updates, VIDC definitely needs a device rewrite at this stage plus ARM timings are quite off unsurprisingly. (nw)

* minor comment fix (nw)

* Merge pull request #1869 from mamehaze/231216

* proper labels for midway pics [Guru]

* decapped and read out security pics for umk3 and rmpgwt [Caps0ff]

I've added a new device type and bare bones loading of them so you can see the code running however the communication with the main CPU is not hooked up yet so they still fallback to the simulation code.

also made nbamht a parent, because the nbamht / nbahangt situation really isn't too different to the umk3 / mk3 or sf2ce / sf2 situations, it's a distinct new release.

* Merge pull request #1871 from ajrhacker/device_rom_ident

Fix for -romident misattributing device ROMs to alphabetically first …

* Fix for -romident misattributing device ROMs to alphabetically first driver using them

* Merge pull request #1870 from JoakimLarsson/fccpu20

* fccpu20: slight clean up

* NEW skeleton driver for fccpu20 Force SYS68K CPU-20

* New games added


Eeekk! [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett, smf]

Dumped PAL10H8 for Beastie Feastie (conversion kit) [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett]

EPOS decryption simplification WIP [smf]

* mc1000: Remove direct update handler [O. Galibert]

* Machine promoted to working


K28: Talking Learning Computer (model 7-230) [O.Galibert]

* cps1.cpp: added missing PAL dump to daimakai [Caius, Silvio Grazini]

* wtf? (nw)

* New working clone added


Back To the Future (2.8) [PinMAME]

* votrax sc01: Simulate [O. Galibert]

* New working clone added


Mahjong Clinic (Japan, set 2) [system11]

* New working clones added


Multi Wars (bootleg of UniWar S) [Paul Hogger]

* aerofgt.cpp: Added correct and verified MASK roms. [caius, The Dumping Union]

Fixes size for U134 & U135 and adds a redumped U180 at the correct size.

* Leave more comments on differences between 74107 and 74107A.

Bought two 74107 for an incredible price on eBay :-( (nw)


* new clone added


Steering Champ (GQ710 VER. UAA) [Bill D. / The Dumping Union, crzmx, smf]

new parent

* Fix 74107 and 74107A timings to typical values. (nw)

* Add some files to nl_examples. (nw)

* Added inductor to netlist. (nw)

* Remove extra semicolon. (nw)

* Add hazl1500 to mamenl build. (nw)

* Leave a note about compatibility of 74161 and DM9316. (nw)

* Back out part of my most recent netlist change (nw)

* model3.cpp: Minor doc update - NW

* Fleshing out nl_stuntcyc a little more (nw)

* -netlist: Added 82S126 4kbit (512x8) TTL bipolar PROM. [Ryan Holtz]

* Merge pull request #1864 from ajrhacker/cedar_magnet_40105

Preliminary work towards improving emulation of Cedar Magnet sound bo…

* Further attempts to improve accuracy of 40105 emulation (nw)

* Preliminary work towards improving emulation of Cedar Magnet sound board (nw)

- MSM5205 hooked up through 40105 FIFO

- Various notes based on Z80 code and schematics for related pinball sound board

40105 device improvements (nw)

- Split up configuration macros

- Tweaked device name and device type name

- New callback for automatic output write

- A few bug fixes for so_w

- Many comments and pinout added

* skyrobo: fix boot (nw)

* Archimedes: make floppies work.

* wd_fdc: added a configuration for disable the motor control when MO line is not connected. (nw)

* arm: fixed STR! with rd == rn. (nw)

* DRC: fix XMM usage on x64 ABI, restores debugger functionality on Mac/Linux for DRC drivers. [maximumspatium, R. Belmont, Ville Linde]