Change log - March 27, 2017 - 10:31 AM


* shangha3.cpp: Documentation correction - NW

* galgames.cpp: Slight rewording & change proto --> prototype - NW

* shangha3.cpp: Rom label consistency - NW

* pwrview: add crtc, only vert size is certain (nw)

* gameboy.xml: Added double cart Song of the Pipa / Magic Ball (NOT WORKING) [James, TeamEurope and Tauwasser]

* fidelz80: dsc WIP (nw)

* xtal.h: One more value (nw)

* fidelz80: dame sensory challenger skeleton driver (incomplete dump for now, cpu jumps to lalaland) (nw)

* New working machines


Galaxy Games StarPak 4 [Keith M. Kolmos, The Dumping Union]

* vp101: Keep both ROMs enabled (nw)

* vp101: Improved support for reduced-cost VP050 version. [R. Belmont]

* xtal.h: Better and more info (nw)

megaaton: Adjust clocks to conform with schematics (nw)

* disable: Better interface (nw)

* disable: reverse polarity (nw)

* express: More robust memory access operator parsing (nw)

* Fix compile error noticed on VS (nw)

* Fixed writes to decrypted opcode memory [v3] (#2190)

Fixes problem in the debugger and the cheat engine as currently the writes to opcode memory are not handled correctly, so separated EXPSPACE_RAMWRITE and EXPSPACE_OPCODE case statements to allow opcode writes to access the correct memory.


In flicky this will now disable cat collisions with the main sprite:


This is the simplest way of updating this, EXPSPACE_OPCODE is now a copy of EXPSPACE_RAMWRITE except it uses AS_DECRYPTED_OPCODES instead of AS_PROGRAM. This method means I've got a lot of work updating a lot of cheat file warnings ...but this is the correct way of doing this.

* Fixed SDL build on win32 and zexall build (nw)

* srcclean (nw)

* Source of silly quote (nw)

* Fixed recently introduced order of operations issue, and changed to Vas' preferred style

* Memory unit masking and address mirroring fixes (nw)

- Fix a bug which effectively treated AM_MIRROR as AM_SELECT when applied to a single-address range mirrored into a contiguous block. The automatic expansion of zero address masks now only applies to those stemming from (default) configuration, not from optimization. (This allows the assertion in latch8_device to be reinstated.)

- Fix a bug where AM_SELECT applied to narrow-width handlers with a submaximal number of subunits would select the wrong address bits or none at all. (This allows rpunch_gga_w to be WRITE8 as intended.)

- Add more stringent appropriateness checking of unit masks for narrow-width handlers.

* MIPS: initial support for VR5500 and TX4925 CPUs. [R. Belmont]

* shangha3.cpp: Minor doc update - NW

* New Shanghai 3 clone

New Clone Added


Shanghai III (US, prototype) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]

* dmv: fixed monochrome screen color. (nw)

* latch8, discrete: Major device cleanup (nw) (#2187)

- Eliminate the AM_LATCH8_XXX address map macros. The normal DEVREAD/DEVWRITE ought to be good enough.

- Eliminate the "offset" specifications from latch8_device. This was used mostly to funnel outputs to discrete_device, which now has a templated write_line handler. (Inputs can use MCFG_DEVCB_RSHIFT instead.)

- Organize latch8_device's callbacks as arrays of devcb_readline/devcb_writeline, helping simplifying code greatly.

- Change latch8_device::bit[0-7]_(q_)?r to be proper line read handlers. This requires two extra READ8 handlers in audio/dkong.cpp, but memory-mapping for the MCS-48 T0 and T1 lines is totally artificial anyway.

- Comment out an assert that now tends to fail due to buggy AM_MIRROR behavior.

* i8355: Use required_region_ptr instead of device_memory_interface for internal ROM (nw)

* New working machine


Shiny Golds [caius, The Dumping Union]

* Minor cleanup of H19

* itech8.cpp: Correct some Dyno Bop rom names - NW

* hh_tms1k: fixed tbreakup flickering leds? (nw)

* Revert "Fixed writes to decrypted opcode memory" (#2185)

* Merge pull request #2184 from PugsyMAME/master

* Merge pull request #2176 from Dagarman/master

vic1001_cass.xml and c64_cass.xml dumps

* c64_cass.xml dumps

* vic1001_cass.xml speakeasy partial dump

* Merge pull request #2173 from npwoods/pia_cplusplus

* Incremental C++-ification of 6821pia.cpp

1. Changed some 'int' ==> 'bool' where appropriate

2. Changed the various control byte macros to static functions

* Merge pull request #2180 from fulivi/hp9845_dev11

Improvements to 9845C light pen emulation

* hp9845: further improvements to LP emulation, especially on timing.

* hp9845: generation of graphic and LP cursors separated. Some refactoring of LP data computation.

* Merge pull request #2183 from Happy-yappH/master

mips3 drc : Make sure branch delay slot instruction is not virtual

* mips3 drc : Make sure branch delay slot instruction is not virtual instruction before trying to generate code to add it to the block checksum.

* Merge pull request #2182 from pra85/patch-1

* Fix typos

slighly ? slightly

transistion ? transition

* Merge pull request #2181 from ajrhacker/horekid_4way

* horekid: Change joystick inputs to 4-way

* tms1024: added MS pin, added write to port 0 (nw)

* ltd.cpp: removed hustlerpa, as PinMAME devs found out it was actually a ROM from another machine (nw)

* New working clone


Gals Panic (MCU Protected, set 2) [Hammy, The Dumping Union]

* hh_pic16: us2pfball internal artwork (nw)