Change log - April 27, 2017 - 09:15 AM


* New working machine added:

Craft II Plus [Datassette, R. Belmont]

* Merge pull request #2258 from Shideravan/patch-29

* Adding Doubutsu no Mori Card-e (Series 1 and Series 2)

* gigas: Fix IRQ-related regression (nw)

* adc0808.cpp: Note (nw)

* A few timer_set removals (nw)

* Perform unitmask checking during validation in non-debug builds (nw)

* k054321.cpp: added save state support. Also removed unneeded includes from the driver where the generic soundlatches were removed (nw)

* novagmcs48: added octo 15mhz version (nw)

* rand() corrections in src/mame/* (nw)

* rand() corrections in src/devices/* (nw)