Change log - December 27, 2016 - 08:06 AM


* arkanoid.cpp: update comments about mcu hookup and schematics (n/w)

* Fixed service switch and updated DIPS/inputs with locations and content to match those showing on screen and observation. (nw)

* archimds: finally correct audio frequency setting [R. Belmont]

Please promote this to master for 0.181!

* Fix loading roms in two devices. (nl)

* Fix nullptr exception. (nw)

* Clean-ups, changed sound CPU to use 24 MHz / 4 in all games in the driver and fixed screen refresh rate in big fighter (nw)

* left-over (nw)

* Netlist: Roms now specify an identifier in the netlist.

The identifier is used to load data from a source_t implementation. This allos a consistent approach in netlists independent of netlist implementation. Both sources code and parameter code needed quite some rewrite to support this. [Couriersud]

* Merge pull request #1876 from ajrhacker/play_3_new

New NOT WORKING pinballs

- Eight Ball Champ (Spain, Z-Pinball hardware)

- Cobra (Playbar)

Credit to Iso Tropia for dumping these in 2013.

* Merge pull request #1879 from mamehaze/xxx

* new clones - King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (older) [NeoSD]

* Merge pull request #1882 from ajrhacker/joctronic_stargame

New NOT WORKING pinballs

* New NOT WORKING pinballs

- Bloody Roller (Playbar)

- Slalom Code 0.3 (Stargame)

punkywil: Added a ridiculously incomplete dump of the CPU ROM.

All of the above were originally dumped by Akiles500 at various dates.

Device hookups and memory maps in joctronic.cpp, following available schematics (nw)

* Dumped i8751 dump for Sky Robo / Takatae Big Fighter, added basic MCU hookup to make it work [Team CAPS0ff, Angelo Salese]

* Input labels for Cyber Sled (nw)

* Merge pull request #1880 from JoakimLarsson/VME_1

-mzr8105: Added VME device and divided mzr8105 in board and card devices. [Edstrom]

* Added VME device and divided mzr8105 in board and card devices. Naughty segfault needs to be fixed (nw)

* fix 06422

* Make clutch to automatically set to neutral on press, added debug for current gear (nw)

* Update labels (nw)

* Improve commentary (nw)

* Added mechanical clutch for Driver's Eyes (nw)

* Well, it sorta looks like Stunt Cycle, at least. (nw)

* tmaster.cpp: Minor doc update about the CES Galaxy Games carts - NW

* Gross doesn't even begin to describe it (nw)

* apricot: Use 74153 for the serial clock selector

* 74153: Only output state when the level changes

* 74153: Rewrite

* Added logic probe to stuntcyc for debugging, does not seem to work, pushing so others can take a look (nw)

* -stuntcyc: Added netlist. Currently does not show anything on-screen. [Ryan Holtz]