Change log - June 28, 2017 - 09:26


* Merge tag 'mame0187'

MAME 0.187



* version bump (nw)

* unidasm: Fix MC68HC11 disassembly

* another one

* pch.h isn't always implicit (nw)

* New Working clones added


Nu, pogodi! [hap, Igor]

Explorers of Space [hap, Igor]

Game & Watch: Egg [hap]

* segas18.cpp: Minor doc update based on recent eBay auction pic (nw)

* Move a few statics out from r/w handlers (nw)

* Fixed issue #2420

* YGV608 accessors are 8-bits not 16 (nw)

* Obvious typo (nw)

* mb88xx: Add pin diagrams (nw)

* Add alternate revision of Cobra Command. Add correct palette weighting for all Dec8 games

* Convert MB88XX ports to DEVCB and remove generic device type (nw)

* ymz280b: Implement device_clock_changed (nw)

* vgmplay: Add YMZ280B support

* Fix scheduler overflow when a device executes for more cycles than there are in a second

* Inputs for abcheck (nw)

* emu.h has to go first (nw)

* fix ROM transctiption error - fixes printing of digits in the monitor (nw)

* New machines marked NOT_WORKING


Intel INTELLEC 4/MOD 40 [Vas Crabb]

* Fixed state save menu UI issues (#2411)

* Fixed issue loading reset_on_load() images (#2414)

* Rise of the OPX (nw)

* vgmplay: Add YMF271 support

* okim6258, okim6376: Replace custom handlers with device_clock_changed (nw)

* tms5110: Implement device_clock_changed (nw)

* New games added as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Abnormal Check [R. Belmont, Guru]

* z8: Convert ports to DEVCB (nw)

* Build fixes (nw)

* pc9801: move cbus to bus and add WIP mpu401 [Carl]

* Rewrote 4004 core and disassembler:

* Renamed to MCS-40.

* Emulated 8-clock instruction cycle, interruptible at any point.

* Converted TEST input to an input line.

* Added SYNC and CM output lines.

* Added support for 4040 CY output, logical operations, extended registers, ROM banking and disassembly.

* Made I/O space mapping more flexible to support the variety of peripherals available.

* Notable missing features are 4040 interrupt and halt, and "program memory" space.

* galaxian.cpp: Clean up driver by using device arrays (nw)

* froggeram: Game has sound now

* froggeram: Fix PPI accesses (nw)

* galaxian.cpp: added preliminary controls / dips for froggeram, though for some reason I can get them to work through the i8255 device (nw)

* New not working clone


Beat the Clock (with flasher support) [noahpdavis]

* some synching with PinMAME (nw)

* wrong way around (nw)

* hh_sm510: found more G&W cheats (nw)

* hh_sm510: added cheatmode for MC25 (nw)

* namco: Support dynamic changes to clock frequency

* tms5220: Use device_clock_changed instead of custom method; misc. modernization (nw)

* ymf271: Support dynamic changes to clock frequency

* ym2151: Support dynamic changes to clock frequency

* Allow experimental overclocking of sound devices through UI sliders with -cheat enabled

* Merge pull request #2416 from npwoods/fix_issue_2413

* Fixed issue #2413, caused by options regression