Change log - December 28, 2016 - 13:40 PM


* Fix compile. (nw)

* Fix linking issues due to VME commits. All vme bus objects files are now in the mizar lib. This is suboptimal, but the code seems to crossreference across object files and from the bus code into the driver code. At least the source now links again. (nw)

* Some preparation for future changes on proxies and chip families. (nw)

* Moved proxy code into separate file. (nw)

* Merge pull request #1885 from JoakimLarsson/VME_2

ew working vme slave board: mzr8300

* mzr8300: hooked up the 7201 correctly and added RS232, now supporting the mzr8105 over VME bus as previously faked

* cleanup

* Added device installers for A16:D8, A16:D16, A24:D8 and A24:D16

* fidel68k: correct irq source

* gitter test (nw)

* left-over (nw)

* SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS for Winning Run (nw)

* comment update (n/w)

* new Skull Fang clone added

New Clone Added


Skull Fang (Asia) [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union]

* Merge tag 'mame0181'

MAME 0.181



* apricot: Initial software list

* cleanup (nw)

* archimds: finally correct audio frequency setting [R. Belmont]

Please promote this to master for 0.181!

* version bump (nw)

* winrun_bitmap_draw (nw)


* Missed one (nw)

* Bulk replace memory map naming (nw)

* superqix.cpp: Deprotected an original Japan/World Super Qix 8751 MCU, and verified that the presumptive B03 // 03 MCU dump is correct. [Lord Nightmare]

* New clone added


Fidelity Elite Avant Garde (model 6114-2/3/4, set 2) [Berger]

* Untangle screen updates into different routines + other clean-ups (nw)

* Added MCU note, promoted game to working.

* Fix 74629 and some internals. (nw)

* Make mario netlist compiling again. (nw)

* Fix bug in 74123. (nw)

* Added debug code for initial area, nw

* apricot: Initial software list

* Simplify. (nw)

* Added "-r" option to nltool to pass path to a folder containing rom files. Multiple "-r" options may be given. Zip files are not supported, just individual files. [Couriersud]