Change log - June 29, 2017 - 09:37


* Add support for 4040 stop/ack and HLT instruction, hook up stop/single step buttons in INTELLEC 4/MOD 40

* karnov.cpp - all games use the Deco RM-C3 palette. This is really just a documentation change as the previous colour weighting was correct so there is no visual difference with this change

* Added a little more documention to cbuster.cpp. No emulation changes

* New working clone - Logger Rev 2

New Working Clone Added


Logger (Rev.2) [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett, The Dumping Union]

* ygv608.cpp: address pointer clean-ups (nw)

* ygv608.cpp: misc irq changes (nw)

* ygv608.cpp: h/vblank status bits (nw)

* Moved ROZ registers out of the legacy code (nw)

* Moved base address out of legacy switch case (nw)

* - cbuster.cpp: Add a x3 hack to the YM2203 clock frequency to fix incorrect pitch [Phil Bennett]

* segas18.cpp: Refine comment about alternate rom revision (nw)

* ygv608.cpp: added preliminary raster irq hookup (limited usage in NCV2) (nw)

* ygv608.cpp: added CRTC function, moved irqs in handler callbacks [Angelo Salese]

* ygv608.cpp: log registers into own space, handling will follow up (nw)

* ladybug.cpp: documented a different program ROMs arrangement (nw)

* Typo fix (nw)

Reminder: second parameter is depth color divided by number of available colors for that bank i.e. 8bpp / 256 = 1

* ygv608.cpp: converted ports to AM_DEVICE (nw)

* new not working clones


Triv Five Special Edition [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

New Super Triv III [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

Super Triv (English questions) [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

Casino Strip [?]

Casino Strip VIII [?]

Casino Strip IX [?]

* fixup (nw)

* can't use opram when program and opcodes are not related in the slightest

* check for disabled side-effects!

* better reflection of 4289 timings for performing program read/write

* Fix colours in Crude Buster (verified against real hardware)

* Ron II actually works, promoted.

40 Love (Japan) kinda, but needs MCU double check to be sure. (nw)

* MCS-40 and INTELLEC 4/MOD 40 updates:

* Make disassembler/debugger use syntax closer to what ASL accepts

* Use 2D lookup to make debugger tables more compact

* Allow 4-bit registers to be set independently

* Save state fixes

* Implement WPM/RPM instructions

* Expose some signals from a 4008/4009 or 4289

* Implement RAM read/write mechanism for INTELLEC 4/MOD 40

- Can test with S and D commands in monitor

* Connect INTELLEC 4/MOD 40 paper tape run output to RTS on RS232 port

* Revert custom DECO conversion in emu dir

* Revert custom DECO conversion in emu dir

* Fix merge error(?)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* Make DECO RM-C3 into a device and use for dec8 games