Change log - January 30, 2016 - 08:01 AM


* Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted): Fixed ASCII PCB layout and list of components. [Roberto Fresca]

* model2.cpp: Minor doc update - NW

* note (nw)

* Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted): Added CY7C291A dump from inside of the custom CPU. [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca]

* Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted): Added G65SC02 decode die dump, and tech notes about the custom CPU. [Team Europe, Sean Riddle, Roberto Fresca]

* Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted): Added bruteforced PLD dump. [Team Europe, caius, Roberto Fresca]

* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING


Mega Card (Ver.0210, encrypted) [Team Europe, f205v, Sean Riddle, Roberto Fresca]

* hh_cop400: fixed visible bit errors on plus1 decap (nw)

* mac: fix NuBus memory stomp [R. Belmont]

* yamyam: Use own program map; note undumped PROM; remove unneeded variable (nw)

* Exact year for ator (MT #06485)

Video Dens has a space in the middle (nw)

* thayers: Fixed keyboard. [Curt Coder]

* Separate include file usage for netlist.

Device implementations (all cpp files in netlist/devices) now should nly include nl_base.h.

Netlist implementation sources should only include "net_lib.h".

Refactored netlist.h and netlist.cpp to avoid namespace congestion in netlist.h.

Fixed VC2015 build. (nw)

* Solver stuff:

Rewrote mat_cr_t to include data as well.

Fixed some bitrot in other parts.

Simplified solver creation. (nw)

* better hack, notes (nw)

* Amiga: Fix license typo in Paula device

* Amiga: Move audio related registers into Paula device

The device is now independent from the Amiga state class.

* Amiga: Move and rename amiga sound device, add pinout and description

* dec0.cpp latch cleanup: 'LS374 sensed positive edge others are educted guesses

* baddudes: add note about likely bit error in MCU dump

drgninja: replace MCU simulation with hacked version of baddudes dump

(nw) If anyone who doesn't suck at this game can try playing through and see if/when problems occur, please let me know.

* Merge pull request #2026 from ajrhacker/gcpinbal_hct157

* gcpinbal: Add HCT157

* Add dump for baddudes MCU [CAPS0ff, Vas Crabb]

* don't repeat yourself (nw)

* novag6502: irq low time is too long for sforte (nw)

* tigeroad.cpp: bballsa actually has a mc68705r3 (nw)

* probably no lane select (nw)

* new working clone added


Gals Panic S2 (Europe) [rtw]

* Hook up protection MCU in bballsa, add to parent set as BAD_DUMP.

(nw) Uses a similar scheme to pushman, but doesn't use port D on the MCU, and uses the same endianness for MCU reads/writes (pushman swaps the bytes on writes). As an aside, bballs has at least partial nudity

in it as seen in attract mode, although less than bballsa.

* tigeroad.cpp: dumped mc68705u3 for bballsa [Brizzo, TeamEurope]

* confirm MC68705R3 bootstrap program matches M68705U3 (and U5 for that matter) [brizzo]

* Some fixes allowing M2 console version to show "Please Wait" (nw)

* New Street Fighter EX2 clone

New Clone Added


Street Fighter EX2 (USA 980312) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]

* Logging enhancement for Joakim.

For netlist device debugging one can now use

#define LOG(...) log().info(__VA_ARGS__)

to use debugging and the known

#define LOG(...) do {} while (0)

do disable debugging on device level.

To avoid bitrot one could as well use

#define LOG(...) log().info.log(__VA_ARGS__)


#define LOG(...) log().info.log(__VA_ARGS__)

The later disables debugging. If the compiler can assume that there are

no side effects from e.g. using foo(a/b), 'LOG("abc {1:04x}",

foo(a/b));' should be completely optimized away.

Log channels available are info, verbose, warning, error and fatal.

Don't use debug, it is enabled only on specific debug builds.

Use would be e.g.

LOG("abc {1:04x}", 2);

The format specifier in the string are enclosed in "{}". "{2}" is the

second parameter after the format string. Types are determined

automatically. "{3:04x}" would format a number as a hexadecimal with 4 leading zeros.


* Fix a hidden bug in the GMRES solver and more optimization. (nw)

* Reduce overhead to load data (roms) in netlist significantly.

The previous solution involved a significant amount of redundant replication of information and objects.

Now, a rom name specified as SOMEROM(x21, "romlabel") will automatically be loaded from region "netlisttag:romlabel". Examples are hazl1500 and stuntcyc. [Couriersud]

* Fix bug which caused hazl1500 to crash. (nw)

* Added terminal to Konami M2 (nw)

* remove f2pbball note, seems to work fine afterall (nw)

* Warning note (nw)

* Device hookups (nw)

* Fix warning about non existing memory space when netlist is used ...

... as an additional cpu. (nw)

* Minor refactoring. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2025 from fulivi/hp9845_dev9

HP9895 floppy drive

* hp9845: some info added for 9895

* hp9845: synchronizer in 9895 drive optimized a bit

* hp9845: optimized CPU wait in 9895 drive (spin_until_time -> suspend_until_trigger)

* hp9845: 9895 drive done, seems ok.. now I need a disk format to load anything on it..

* hp9845: 9895 is 95% done, it works except for some minor issues

* hp9845: fixed parallel poll logic in PHI

* thayers: Fixed keyboard scanning. [Curt Coder]

* Remove macro to avoid copying and replace with a struct. (nw)

* Do not derive other classes from std::vector. More cleanup. (nw)

* Cleanup of includes. (nw)

* Merge pull request #2023 from SailorSat/master

polyplay: lightorgan + optional layout

* Merge branch 'master' of

* polyplay: add light organ logic + optional layout file (nw)

* Merge branch 'master' of

* polyplay: add light organ + layout

traced the lines on the board to figure out how the lightorgan worked.

zero cross detector triggers NMI on the cpu, which then operates the light organ.

* Sorcerer: new item for the software list (nw)