Change log - March 30, 2017 - 10:26 AM


* well issue is on any gcc 5.x (nw)

* proper fix (nw)

* isa8_device: Provide proper unitmask for address spaces of any data width (nw)

screen_device: Guard against assert failure on partial updates starting from incomplete first line (nw)

* assume LLVM libc++ if __llvm__ is defined but __GLIBC__ is undefined

* Turn psring iterator into a real forward iterator that works with standard algorithms.

There are a few changes to achieve this:

* Rename to const_iterator since it's immutable

* Typedef iterator to const_iterator for now as there's no mutable iterator

* Add default constrcutor and operator-> required by concept, const-qualify operators

* Remove operator+ and operator+= since it's not a random-access iterator (use std::next and std::advance instead)

* Return reference/pointer to a proxy rather than a code_t value from opertator


The final change is required to meet the requirement that operator * for

two equivalent forward iterators return an equivalent reference. The

pstring doesn't actually contain a sequence of code_t, so there's no way

to return a reference to code_t directly. Instead, a reference to a

proxy object aliased on the string storage is returned. The proxy is

implicitly convertible to code_t. The most noticeable side effect is

that auto c = *s.begin() or for (auto c : s) won't work. You need to do

for (auto &c : s) or for (code_t c : s) instead.

* dynobop: Yes, PCB is same as Slick Shot (nw)

* Merge pull request #2197 from dankan1890/quick_fix

* VS fix. (nw)

* chihiro: make ccfboxa start too (nw)

* Merge pull request #2164 from npwoods/coco_multipak_cleanup

[CoCo] Further cleanups in CoCo cartridge slot signal handling

* Removing stray declaration

* [CoCo] Further cleanups in CoCo cartridge slot signal handling

This is an attempt to make how the various signals on the CoCo cartridge slot (CART, NMI, HALT) a bit more standardized and less ad hoc, especially with the practice of Program Paks tying the CART line to Q. This should fix some outstanding bugs in how these signals were passed around when using the CoCo Multi-Pak interface.

* Merge pull request #2166 from rzero9/pc98_fmt

fmtowns_cd.xml & pc98_cd.xml: added several dumps

* pc98_cd.xml: added several dumps

Jorougumo - Jubaku no Dorei-tachi

Ms. Detective File #1 - Iwami Ginzan Satsujin Jiken

Youjuu Senki 2 - Reimei no Senshi

* fmtowns_cd.xml: added several dumps

F-BASIC386 Compiler v1.1 L21

Dennou Ehon - Kyouryuu no Sekai

Hyper Oku no Hosomichi

Soko-ban Perfect

Youjuu Senki 2 - Reimei no Senshi

* Merge pull request #2168 from Happy-yappH/dasm_virtual_space

Make debugger 'dasm' command able to traverse virtual spaces with

* Make debugger 'dasm' command able to traverse virtual spaces with unmapped holes.

Previously, 'dasm' would enter an infinite loop if it hit an unmapped pc, continuing to grow the output file until the program was killed.

* Merge pull request #2196 from Happy-yappH/uml_dasm_label

uml : add case for parameter PTYPE_CODE_LABEL in uml instruction disa…

* uml : add case for parameter PTYPE_CODE_LABEL in uml instruction disassembly

* new not working software list addition


pce_tourvision.xml: Dragon Egg! [system11]

* wolfpack.cpp: added save state support, removed unneeded prefixes, moved from timer_set to timer_alloc (nw)

* 2nd try (nw)

* Fix linux compile (nw)

* Update GENie (nw)

* update shaders (nw)

* Update BGFX and BX (nw)