Change log - May 30, 2017 - 09:14


* Correct Air Combat 22 control (#2340)

* Changed Air Combat 22 from Pedal to AD_STICK_Z

* Changed the profiler to use std::ostringstream as the text sink (instead of std::string)

* hh_ucom4: mcompgin WIP (nw)

* pangba, pangbb, spangbl: Sound improvements

* Reduce ADPCM rate to make music speed sound more like the original

* Use callback for audio IRQ

* harddriv.cpp: fixed steeltal regression caused by my recent changes. Thanks Tafoid! (nw)

* New NOT_WORKING software list additions


vsmile_cart: Abenteuer im ABC Park (GER), Finding Nemo - De Wonderwereld Van Nemo (NL), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (NL), Shrek De Derde - Arthurs Schooldag Avontuur (NL) [Team Europe]

* vii.cpp: added bios for V-Smile (US) and V-Smile Baby (US) [Sean Riddle]

* unianapc: it's a skeleton driver, so use the appropriate flag (nw)

* namcos1.cpp: fixed MT06589 (nw)

* new working clone


Danger Track (Rally X bootleg) [Rafael Alonso, Ricky2001, Rockman, ArcadeHacker]

* accomm: found the second half of the keyboard matrix (nw)

* small correction (nw)