Change log - December 30, 2016 - 14:12 PM


* josvolly: "AA 007" chip is really NEC D8255A for reading input ports [CAPS0ff, Vas Crabb]

* neogeo.xml validation fixes (nw)

* New clones added


Robo Army (NGM-032 ~ NGH-032) [JacKc]

Saulabi Spirits / Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean release of Samurai Shodown II, set 2) [JacKc]

* pc_dsk: Support 360K images with 512-byte header, found in some softlist entries. [Justin Kerk]

* Merge pull request #1888 from ajrhacker/z80_intack

Z80 daisy chain stuff

* Simplify daisy-chain IRQ ack routine (get rid of delegate member) (nw)

* Get rid of fake IRQ in Cedar Magnet sound system

* Z80 daisy chain stuff

- Reconfigure Z80 daisy chain behavior to use the standard vector for an external IRQ, rather than a bogus one from the last device in the chain

- Enable Z80 daisy chain on Cedar Magnet sound board (fake IRQ still necessary, though vectors are correct now)

- Source note regarding IM 2 behavior contrary to Zilog datasheet (nw; was fixed way back in 0.35b11)

* Merge pull request #1890 from maximumspatium/master

ppcdrc.cpp: clear two LSBs of the branch target address.

* ppcdrc.cpp: Clean up indentation of the previous commit.

* ppcdrc.cpp: clear two LSBs of the branch target address.

This is what a real CPU does in order to prevent branching to an invalid address.

* fidel68: forgot to copypaste irq note from berger (nw)

* zwackery: revert UTF-8 BOM (nw)

* fidel68k: added 6114-2/3/4 configurable ramsize (nw)