Change log - March 31, 2017 - 09:46 AM


* New working clones


Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World, bootleg) [The Iron Goat]

* fixed compile (nw)

* sun4: add SPARCstation 1 boot ROM v2.2 [NekoEd]

* alpha68k.cpp: fixed MT06532 (nw)

* Rename the write-only -printer image instance type to -printout. The former option name conflicts with RS232 printer ports in several drivers.

* sun4: Added SparcStation IPX V2.3 boot ROM [NekoEd]

* vicdual: add 97269-P-B and 97271-P daughterboards for nsub (#2192)

* Fix pedantic clang warnings. (nw)

* Use char32_t were appropriate. (nw)

* Change pstring to use std::string as storage container.

This removes all allocation code from pstring. const_iterator is consequently now based on pstring::const_iterator. Removed pstring_buffer. This was class wasn't a good idea.

Vas was right: This change did not impact runtime performance. Startup performance (string intensive) increased. (nw)

* chinagat: Explicitly specify 8-way joysticks for consistency (nw)

* volfied.cpp: removed prefixes, used timer_alloc instead of timer_set (nw)

* new working software list addition


Zhan Qi - Chinese Battle Chess (Tw) [system11]